Online Consultancy Yogini of Hirapur Oracle

Luisa Spagna with a group of Yogini in Orissa. Photo credit: sutraartiperformative

Dear Yogini,

after four years from the release of the deck Yogini of Hirapur Oracle and numerous workshops done in Italy and India, I start offering online consultancy to all the women who live in different parts of the world and cannot attend my classes.

Yogini during a workshop in Italy.  Photo credit: sutraartiperformative

A consultancy can be of two types:

·        A reading on a specific question concerning your life.

The reading is based on 9 cards mandala layout I have developed. I will explain you how to proceed in a email before the reading.

·        To learn more about the Yogini of Hirapur Oracle system or to understand better the characteristics of some specific cards whose meaning it is quite difficult for your use of the oracle.   

Yogini consult Yogini of Hirapur oracle under an olive tree. Photo credit: sutraartiperformative


You can choose two way to proceed:

·        On skype, the consultancy lasts 60 minutes.

·        Order a written reading. The reading includes a tape or several written pages.

To book your reading and for  info about cost and other details, please send me an email to

Jai Yogini!


Photo credit: sutraartiperformative

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