From Full Moon to Full Moon

A reading of a Yogini mandala during the full moon

Luisa Spagna


Today, 20 February 2019, while in Trivandrum –  a city where I lived for a year – is celebrated the ritual of Pongala and thousands of women cook the ritual food to be offered to the Goddess Attukal Amma, a new project comes to life: From Full Moon to Full Moon. Each month I offer a free reading of the oracle of the Yogini.

The monthly full moon oracle indicates the potential of the moment. It gives us advise, suggestions that each of us can bring in his/her life. We can choose to focus only on one Yogini card of the mandala or on all nine cards.

We can reinterpret it, rewrite it and even dance it.

From Full Moon to Full Moon oracle is also a way to learn more about the Yogini of Hirapur Oracle cards and to develop a personal relationship with the Yogini.


Full Moon’s reading  of February 2019

Chandrakanti, in the center of the Mandala, is connected to the waning moon, a phase that follows full moon. While the full moon of February brings us towards springtime and the days get longer, Chandrakanti tells us to remain in an intimate and reflective dimension. The period requires to remain still in that dimension of winter lethargy, while our energies continue to recharge. The buds of pearls on our intimate tree are growing and we must remain focused on our strength. Soon with the return of springtime, we will be able to offer and share with others what is now maturing within us.

Simhamukhi, the lioness, symbol of healing and cure, indicates that our body needs heat, not only to defend itself from the cold of winter that is still going on, but also to enliven our physical energies.

Kumari, guardian of the treasures of life, protects and monitors the treasures in our body and mind. Thanks to her protection, new situations can come to life.

Mahesvari, the great lady symbols of a flourishing and welcoming land, placed in the position of the past, shows us that, although winter may be hard it has been bringing us a period full of new possibilities. Even if the period has not been easy or it is not yet easy, the difficulties are forcing us to open up to new visions and are therefore forcing us to include aspects that perhaps we were not considering.

Bhalluka, the bear-faced Yogini, in the position of the future, will soon take us to celebrate the rituals of thanksgiving for the healing we have received during the austere winter season. Bhalluka reloads us and feeds us after the psychophysical exertions that the winter has imposed on us.

Vaishnavi, the warrior, she who watches over the directions that must take our lives, says that with this full moon her task is over. Now, we are able to glimpse the new paths and slowly we can begin to walk them.

Kalaratri, in the position of providing advises, suggests us to reconnect the energies  of our body, to rediscover our feminine cycles and our sacred menstrual power. A way to renew us and put us again in connection with the vital cycles. It is time to nourish our physical and mental energies.

Surya Putri, in the position of suggesting what we need to bring in our life, is the Amazon energy that must be embodied again in our lives. Courage, strength, determination and the focalization of new goals to be achieved.

Mahamaya, suggests for our future to consider the thousand nuances of life. She gives us the ability to watch life slowly transforming itself until the next full moon, when we will be ready to welcome springtime. She is the blessing of our visions, the beauty of seeing the multiplicity and the diversity of things that become wealth if we look from the right perspective.

Jai Yogini!


To read more about how to do a 5 or 9 cards mandala with Yogini of Hirapur Oracle, please visit the link: https://sutraartiperformative.com/yogini-of-hirapur-oracle/

All rights reserved  ©Luisa Spagna

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