Relational Expressive Dancemovement Therapy – Dmt-ER®

A. Luisa Spagna

Dancemovement Therapist

(Norma UNI 11592/2015, ai sensi della legge 4/2013)

I am graduated at the three-years school of Relational Expressive Dancemovement Therapy – Dmt-ER® – directed by Dr. Vincenzo Bellia in Rome -Italy

I am member of the professional art therapy association ARTE (Associazione Professionale Arte Terapia) and member of Associazione di Promozione Sociale Danzare Le Origini.

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Italy – India


I hold the project I Giardini della Danzaterapia, dance therapy in public space, according to the Dmt-ER® methodology.

I led dancetherapy sessions with women at the Ass.Cult. Performing Arts Sutra in Lizzanello (Le).

Lecture “Fine, I am Fine! An experience of Dancetherapy in stroke recovery in Kerala – India” at the Continuous Professional Training meeting organized in Italy by ARTE, Professional Association of Arts Therapy (Online conference, July 2020).


Danceemovement Therapy, Dept. Performing Arts at Christ University, Bangalore.

– Alpha Palliative Care Link Centre (ONG) in Irinjalakuda with physically challenged patients, in particular with people recovering for a stroke in a programme of Neuro-Rehabilitation Physiotherapy.

– School of Drama and Fine Arts – University of Calicut in Thrissur.

– I delivered a talk at St. Thomas Collage, organized by Indira Gandhi National Centre for Arts in association with Centre for Media Studies, St. Thomas Collage, Thrissur.

In Trivandrum at:

– Mental Health Care Oolanpara with students, staff, doctors and nurses and with a group of psychotic patients,

– Department of Psychology at Government Women’s College

– Arts Association of Regional Cancer Centre

– Prasanth Narayanan Kalam theatre centre

– Alive (ONG) at Gandhi Bhavan with aged people

– Bharat Bhavan organized by Humans (ONG)

– Women and Children Homagalile – Kuttikal Kayalla

– Prakash Kala Kendram, Kollam

New Delhi:

– Dancetherapy and well-being at Istituto Italiano di Cultura, Embassy Cultural Centre

-National School of Drama, World Theatre Forum 2020 – 21st Bharat Rang Mahotsav International Theatre Festival of India (YouTube channel
#BRM2020 #RangmanchKaNatyakumbh #Live #NationalSeminar
Ministry of Culture, Government of India)



2022, La Danzaterapia nel post-ictus. La metodologia Espressivo-Relazionale per la prima volta in Kerala in Una Danza per le comunità a cura di Vincenzo Bellia e Barbara Dragoni, A&G Cuem.


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Cart Summer Campus, School of Drama and Fine Arts, University of Calicut – Thrissur.
Sadairyam Munoott, Women and Children Homagalile, Kuttikal Kayalla, Trivandrum.

alpha palliative care 1 sessione

alpha palliative care 1 sessione 2

alpha palliative care 1 sessione 1Alpha Palliative Care, Irinjalakuda –  Kerala

Dancetherapy with adults at Prasanth Narayanan Kalam – Trivandrum

Dancetherapy with children and teenagers at Prasanth Narayanan Kalam – Trivandrum

Students at Mental Health Care, Oolanpara Trivandrum

Mental Health Care, Oolanpara Trivandrum

Staff of Mental Health Care Oolanpara, Trivandrum

HH Maharaja Women College, Trivandrum

Dancetherapy session with aged people organized by Alive at Gandhi Bhavan in Trivandrum

Dancetherapy and well being, session organized by Ong Humans at Bharat Bhavan in Trivandrum

School of Drama and Fine Arts – Univesity of Calicut, Thrissur – Kerala


Dance Movement Therapy at Prasanth Narayan Kalam Centre in Trivandrum, Kerala -India.

Online Dance Movement Therapy course, Istituto Italiano di Cultura New Delhi, India