FREE-DOT, Just Flux!

Recensioni dell’ultimo CD del duo FREE-DOT Paolo Pacciolla Antonio Cotardo

Just Flux! copertina

Just flux? or flux that somehow answers musical justness or rightness? The small and deconstructed instrument approach – a couple of tracks use flute headjoints, stones, pot lids – is hard enough to pull off musically, harder still to pull off with such delicacy and grace. These are lovely pieces, performed by two master musicians who know how to make music without just joining dots but who also understand the narrow line between freedom and an unsatisfying randomness. Brian Morton, Jazz Journal May 2013

Somber yet cosmic, free spirits without the virtuosic excess. After more than fifty years, “free music” is a universal language that is not bound by words or borders. When it works, it doesn’t matter where it comes from. It speaks directly to the heart and mind simultaneously. It works quite well here so dig in and enjoy. Bruce Lee Gallanter, Downtown Music Gallery

Just Flux! is 50 minutes of free improvisation on a wide array of flutes and percussion instruments. Rhythm rules the proceedings, and a great openness to the world permeates from the music – influences pile up, well digested, in this aerial and lively music.

C´è tensione in quello che fanno, un flusso di energia che scorre lentamente ma inesorabile, l´uso di tradizioni extraeuropee fatto con un approccio originale. L´incontro del berimbau, proveniente dal Brasile, e di flauti in uso in luoghi lontani e apparentemente irraggiungibili fa scintille, così come il cercare le risonanze all´interno del pianoforte, o gli incontri con gli altri strumenti percussivi raccolti per il globo. È uno di quei dischi che si ascoltano molte volte, bello e misterioso allo stesso tempo, da cui più che una formula traspare l´interesse per il suono allo stato puro insieme al momento magico colto dai microfoni. Vittorio Lo Conte

Improvvisazione pura, estemporaneo flusso di coscienza, a partire solo da un variegato set di strumenti e oggetti, quello messo in atto da questi due eccellenti musicisti pugliesi…Una registrazione che si irradia nello spazio per placidi moti, regolari o irregolari, come di onde solleticate da una lieve brezza. A tratti l’ispirazione sembra essere quella meravigliata, ipnotica e rivelatrice del Tony Scott di Music for Zen Meditations. Ricercatori. Marco Maiocco

The notes say this is a project of improvised music based on musical instruments and objects, hence
the titles of the tunes, which just describe the instruments.I actually like this idea, not being a fan of song titles which don’t mean anything. And this is a duo, which I also like….. I really enjoyed “Jew’s harp” not having heard that instrument played in a jazz context since Dizzy played it back in the 80s.
The interplay between Cotardo and Paciolla is excellent. There were sections which worked so well they
could have been composed, but that is the beauty of improvisations between players who listen carefully to
each other.Bernie Koenig, Cadence Magazine | Oct Nov Dec 2013

Just flux! retro

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