Vadyaroopa 205013         Yogini Vadyaroopa propagates primeval sound all around while revealing herself to the world as she emerges from a vagina. For this reason I choose to dance her oracle in relation with the Neolithic stone of fertility located at Calimera in Salento (Puglia, South-Italy). This ancient natural Yoni of Mother Earth is the place where also Yogini Vadyaroopa lives.Vadyaroopa 204815Since 2009 I have been organizing in this place circles of women to perform all together fertility rituals.Vadyaroopa 204829Vadyaroopa 204838Vadyaroopa-204848In the Yogini of Hirapur Oracle cards, Vadyaroopa is depicted dancing on a barrel drum while emerging from a red vagina. In her left hand she holds a scepter topped by the three chakras as symbols of the past, present and future. A snake coils around the scepter infusing her with vital energy.Vadyaroopa 204549Vadyaroopa is creationVadyaroopa 204611

Yogini of Hirapur Oracle is a deck of round oracle cards

Drawing and Oracle texts by Luisa Spagna

Concept and Performance by Luisa Spagna

Photo by P.Pacciolla


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