shakti cult, Yogini and the sacred Yoni

Shakti cult, Yogini and Sacred Yoni

Luisa Spagna


Sarva Mangala, oracle deck Yogini of Hirapur Oracle by Luisa Spagna.


Sarva Mangala is the only Yogini’s sculpture missing from the Hirapur temple.

I drew Sarva Mangala imagining her as a red woman tree with a big yoni, vagina, from which sacred menstrual blood feeds the earth.

I find a correlation among Sarva Mangala, Indian Goddesses, as Lajja Gauri, and others Goddess or their symbols as the fertility stone from Salento (Calimera, South-Italy)

Sarva Mangala è l’unica Yogini andata perduta nel tempio di Hirapur. Ho disegnato Sarva Mangala immaginandola come una donna albero di colore rosso, con una grande yoni, vulva, il cui sangue mestruale nutre la terra.

Ho trovato delle correlazioni tra Sarva Mangala, divinità indiane, tra cui Lajja Gauri, e altre dee e simboli come la pietra forata, simbolo di fertilità, in Salento (Calimera, sud-Italia)



The empty niche at Hirapur temple, where it has been supposed to be placed Yogini Sarva Mangala.  Photo: P. Pacciolla


YOGINI Menstruation, Sout India ca. XVIII century.


Lajja Gauri or Aditi Badami MuseumLajja Gauri or Aditi, Badami Museum – India


lajja gauri giving birthlakshmi giving birth

Vadyaroopa 204829Fertily stone from Neolithic (Calimera- Salento, South-Italy).
Ritual performance by Luisa Spagna
Vadyaroopa-204848Fertily stone from Neolithic (Calimera- Salento, South-Italy).
Ritual performance Luisa Spagna

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