In the land of Mahamaya by Luisa Spagna


In the land of Mahamaya

by Luisa Spagna

Minakshi with beautiful and languishing green eyes, as the meaning of her Indian name evoked, picked up a card from the deck Yogini of Hirapur Oracle and astonished asked me “ Is this Mahamaya? We are in the land of Mahamaya!”
Happily surprised, I started looking at Goa with a new vision. The land of hippies and trance music, far to belong to me in any aspect, became the land that spoke to me hidden, silent stories through a nature that already full of its powerful expression, was able to show me even more wild and majestic aspects.
That is how I started my dialogue with Goa.
Mahamaya dances in each districts of the state with the name ShantaDurga and Her peaceful aspect is visible in the breath of nature all around. She showed me in a gentle way Her light side and the dark one, and the reverse of the two sides in multiple facets at the same time.

Dialogue with a Banyan tree in the land of Mahamaya






Concept, Dance, Text: Luisa Spagna

Photo Credits: Paolo Pacciolla

Art work: Yogini of Hirapur Oracle by Luisa Spagna

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