YOGINI 2 Tara – Yogini of Hirapur Oracle

Yogini 2


Yogini of Hirapur Oracle

a round oracle deck of 64 Yogini by Luisa Spagna



Tara is a neophyte. She has two hands: In her right hand she holds a trident symbolizing power of the three worlds. Her left hand in varada mudra emanates luminous wakes of energy that anchor Tara to the ground, while she elevates herself in an initiatory journey.

The stars around her body represent the blessings she received during her shamanic practise.

Her mount is a man who helps her throughout the journey. Tara appears at night in dream or during daytime when a luminous thought crosses our mind

Meaning of the card

When you get this card you are ready to set out on a spiritual or shamanic journey.

Please note: when the card is part of a full reading oracle, its meaning is more nuanced and many details may be added to its interpretation.

Luisa Spagna

A group of dancer and Yogini interpret Tara


Yogini of Hirapur Oracle is also a dancing Yogino project

Ritual Dance. A way to sacred female 


More info about the round oracle deck Yogini of Hirapur Oracle:


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