Yogini 1 Chandika – Yogini of Hirapur Oracle

Yogini 1


Yogini of Hirapur Oracle

a round oracle deck of 64 Yogini

by Luisa Spagna


She is the fire that burns within the body and spreads its energy towards outside all around her. She is a shamanic energy urging to be listening to. She has four hands: in her right back hand she holds a stick topped by a skull and a trident. The three ribbons red, white, and black along with the trident symbolize the cycle of life, death and rebirth. The cup that Chandika holds in her left back hand contains an ecstatic drink.

She is offering this cup to nature, to the Ancestors and to the gurus, so as to be guided by them on the path towards enlightenment. The right front hand in abhaya mudra position gives comfort. The left one in varada mudra bestows protection and blessings.

The mount is a man who carries Chandika across a shamanic dimension. He strengthens her vision and ensures that the shamanic journey shall be successful.

Meaning of the oracle

When you extract this card from the oracle deck, it means your shamanic powers have reached their peak and enable you go anywhere in the world, healing life with your inner life.

Please note:  when the card is part of a full reading oracle, its meaning is more nuanced and many details may be added to its interpretation.

Luisa Spagna

Luisa Spagna dances  Chandika

Yogini of Hirapur Oracle is also a dancing yogini project:

Ritual Dance. A way to sacred female 



More info about the round oracle deck Yogini of Hirapur Oracle:



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  1. Pranam,
    How could I order the deck Mam. Kindly guide me. I would like to practice it.

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