Yogini Dakini In Conversation with

Luisa Spagna Project

It was in 2000 that I visited for the first time Hirapur temple. In those days Yogini’s temples were not as known as now and it was even not so easy to reach the temples. The road that at present leads from Bhubaneswar, crossing Tankapani road, to the temple in less then 20 minutes, was not there. In fact, the first time I travelled for one hour in narrow and rough roads, crossing small villages, before reaching Hirapur.

A few years later I found myself completely involved in the Yogini Dakini studies and practice.

In 2013, when I started writing the book ‘La danza segreta delle Yogini. Il tempio di Hirapur’ (Venexia, Roma 2014) and to draw the Yogini sculptures of the Hirapur’s temple for my art work Yogini of Hiraur Oracle, it was as if the Yoginis were weaving all the encounters around me and they were guiding me to my goal.

I lived in India and I had the chance to meet many gurus, scholars, dancers and visual artists involved in the same topics.

In the same year I was invited form Istituto Italiano di Cultura in New Delhi to dance my choreography Matrika and that was again another important occasion to meet other scholars and artists involved in some way with the same subject.

Now that my oracle cards Yogini of Hirapur Oracle have reached so many women all around the world, I have the pleasure to meet some of the scholars and artists all over the world who are also working on Yogini and Dakini.

Per la traduzione in Italiano delle interviste vai alla seguente pagina: https://sutraartiperformative.com/2020/09/20/traduzione-italiana-yogini-dakini-in-conversation-with-vicki-noble/

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