Dancemovement Therapy India Luisa Spagna

Dancemovement Therapy

The course is led by Luisa Spagna

What is Dancemovement therapy?

Which kind of dance we dance in Dancemovement therapy?

To whom Dancemovement therapy is aimed at?

A course of three practical sessions to meet and experience a discipline – born in the middle of the last century – which combines the art of movement, dance, therapy, healing, knowledge of the body and mind, and artistic and playful ways to explore ourselves.

Duration: 3 Classes

Days: Every Monday

Date: From 30th of November to 14th of December

(November, 30th and December, 7th and 14th

Timings: 6.30 – 8.00 pm (Indian Standatd Time)

Mode: Online via Zoom app

Fees: INR 2,800/-

Enrollments Procedure: Kindly write an email to

About Luisa Spagna:

Read the Interview on The Hindu

How dance therapy keeps your body active and free of stress

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